Summer Must Haves

Summer is here ladies and we all have our “must haves” check out mine. These will keep you cool, cute, and fabulous all summer long!

  1. A cute hat to keep you cool.
  2. Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen! I turn to my Smart Stuff Sunscreen with an SPF Of 30 because this Charleston sun plays no games.
  3. Summer is all about glowing and this NYX Cream bronzer will keep you glowing hun!
  4. Soft Focus Finishing powder mine is in Chocolate! This powder or any all-purpose setting powder will tame your glow when it gets shiny. Yes, it’s summer we want to glow yet not melt.
  5. Fenty lipgloss because we want juicy lips not dry and chapped. It’s summer ladies stay flossy.
  6. Shades! Fly shades at that so the sun won’t murder our eyes. It’s hot in these streets.
  7. Last but not least a spritzer. This will keep you cool all summer long. This stays in my purse all summer long.


Alright loves, that’s it for me! My list is short and sweet all things that I use daily. I couldn’t survive this Charleston heat without my Must Haves. Drop yours below and share what’s on your summer must-have list.


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