Get Out Of My Head

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve had to tell myself “Narcisa, get out of your head.” It’s like a reoccurring thing I have going on in my brain. Getting in my head and dwelling on the unnecessary things of life is frustrating, and prevents me from moving forward.

These past few years I have been faced with various challenges that put me moments to get in my head and in my own way I’ve learned from them. I learned my triggers, what to do do, and of course what not to do. In life, we get to a point where it all comes crashing in what do you do then? How do you handle the situation, the challenges, the thoughts.

These 5 things have helped me get out of my head

1. Just breathe! Everything will be ok

2. Live in the moment. A few weeks back I was in a place of frustration and “in my head.” I talked with my mom who was lovingly concerned and wanted to help me get through it. I kindly told my mom I need to live in this moment and allow myself along with the Holy Spirit to work through it. Running from that moment would have done more harm than good.

3. Don’t overshare your frustration. In this I mean yes we all have that one girlfriend we can talk to about everything. With her, that’s cool just not Tom, Dick, & Harry. Oversharing adds to more frustration and confusion.

4. Let go of what other people think. So what it truly doesn’t matter. Whatever your solution or resolve Own it boo! Own it! It’s yours and when you do you empower yourself. Trust, it’s not easy and I am extremely guilty of caring what others think of me but in the end what I think and how I view myself matters most.

5. Pray, meditate, or whatever you do to find peace do it! For me that 100% praying and trusting that God will clear my mind and allow me to get out of my own way.

Life is too short to overthink, over worry, and get in your own way. Today I am saying to myself, to you, and other others Get Out Of Your Head! Live, breath, love and know all things work together for good. Alright loves I’m out ya girl Cisa!

Be sure to share and let me know what helps you get out of your head and out of your own way.

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4 responses to “Get Out Of My Head”

  1. Love this! You are so right! Beautiful blog by the way!


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