365 Day Trial

Yes, you read correctly welcome to my 365 Day Trial! What do I mean? It’s my trial year and ya girl is out here trying her best!!

What exactly do I mean? well for over seven years I was stuck in a rut. You know going to work, church, family, and back again. I didn’t realize how much I got comfortable in living a routine life until my world was shaken (we’ll save the details on that for another post). Once that happened I decided to keep it shaking, moving, and grooving!!

I’ve always had a love for dancing, fashion, working with children, and of course animals. For over 10yrs I’ve solely worked within the education system as an after-school teacher, program director, and co-teacher. I wholeheartedly enjoyed working in the education system but I knew I needed to try something else.

I took the leap to venture out of the education system September 2017 and since dubbed this year as my “Trial Year” the year I try things I’ve always wanted to but never have. So, I took a bet on myself and went for it with everything within me.

Along the way, I’ve realized how much we allow ourselves to get stuck in a routine life. Our lives aren’t meant to be routine or the same day in day out. I am a firm believer in enjoying the moment’s life brings us.

Making this choice was hard because I dealt with fears from my past, thoughts in my head (CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT I GET OUT OF MY HEAD), and hurt. BUT the best part is that I did it for me and not anyone else!!

If you’re tired of the day to day then take a bet on yourself and Try something new or make this your “Trial Year” as well. I won’t be mad!

My Trial year is truly paying off I am happy, doing what I love, capturing moments, challenging myself, and ceasing opportunities.

Try it you just might like it!!


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4 responses to “365 Day Trial”

  1. Love this! I feel the same. I just recently graduated and I just want to try new things, Travel and find out what I love in life. This is great. Thanks for sharing and good luck on your journey.

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  2. This is awesome! It feels great to step away from a routine lifestyle. We all need to enjoy the moment more! Great post.

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  3. That is great! I’m in a similar boat, I’m currently on a hunt for my “soulmate” hobby.

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  4. Keep living your best life, Sis

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