Level Up

If you’ve been following me for some time you are fully aware that this is my year! When I say that I mean my year to push forward into everything God wants me to be #levelingup!

Not sure what that looks like or what to do?

Here are My Top 3 Tips to Leveling Up.

  1. Let Go. Yes, you’ve heard it before but have you really let go? Did you let go of the hurt, pain, memories, comparisons and more? Trust me it’s not easy I am still in the process of letting go and much closer than I’ve ever been to the final let go. We all know that one thing BIG thing holding us down whatever it is in time you will release it. Start letting go of small things one step at a time.
  2. Gather. Gather together with some friends whether they are old, new, just met or your family. Gather them together for support and support doesn’t look the same for everyone. Support for you can be sitting down over coffee and having a heart to heart. Gathering to me more than likely looks like going out on the town dancing and creating memories full of laughter and fun. Gather the girls or gather your guys! (I won’t assume only ladies read my blog 😉)
  3. Thrive. Learn, grow, develop, and create. Thrive in everything you put your hands to. All it takes is to start do you like creating with your hands, maybe your a mathematician, or you love the great outdoors. Whatever it is learning more about getting connected with local groups (Meetup, Facebook Events, & local papers are my go-to for things to do that interest me). Getting connected to others that share similar interests really help you to grow and push yourself beyond your limits. I practice what I preach especially in getting connected with others. I have an amazing group of blog girlfriends and we go to events together, challenge each other, share ideas, collab and create black girl magic all over Charleston SC. I am so glad I got connected and so will you.

This is the time and year to #levelup you ready? Or nah? Don’t sit on the sidelines watching everyone “live their best life” you deserve it just like the rest of (things I tell myself when I get stuck in a rut).

Do me a favor and #levelup in the comments if you’re doing it, about to, want to, or starting now. Let’s keep each other accountable.


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  1. Rosemary Miller wrote:

    Love your tips

    Posted 7.19.18
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