Let’s get personal, this is for the ladies! Men if you’re reading this then do yourself a favor and exit stage left or stick around for some insight.

Hersday is a period pad subscription pack for our monthly visitor (aka “aunt flow”).  No longer do you have to wait to stock up or get your cycle only to realize you’re out of the necessaries. Signing up with Hersday will change your life and have you ready for action.

What I like about Hersday is that the pads fit my specific cycle needs. Some women have heavy cycles and some light. What makes Hersday stand out amongst the crowd for me is that the pads are thin and dry. I hate walking around feeling uncomfortable and cold (ladies you know what I mean). With Hersday, I never run into that problem. Their pads are specifically made to stay dry in its super compact package.

The monthly package includes your liners, day pads, and night pads.  That’s a deal and you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to stock up. The packs come in three bulk options:

  1. 3 boxes for $38.99
  2. 6 boxes for $71.99
  3. 12 boxes for $134.99

You can then choose what flow cycle you prefer:

Light Flow – For ladies that change 4-5 times a day

  • 10 Pieces Liner
  • 12 Pieces Day Use
  • 3 Pieces Night Use

Medium Flow –  For ladies that change 6-7 times a day

  • 8 Pieces Liner
  • 12 Pieces Day Use
  • 5 Pieces Night Use

Heavy Flow –  For ladies that change 8-9 times a day

  • 5 Pieces Liner
  • 10 Pieces Day Use
  • 10 Pieces Night Use

If you’re anything like me and enjoy packages in the mail then this is one package you’ll love. No more running to Walmart or asking your girl’s for pads with this subscription you’ll be ready whenever she comes to visit.

Check them out at Hersday

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