Dear Narcisa

Dear Narcisa,

Happy Birthday Boo!! Ayeee (inserts dance) I am so proud of you and how far you’ve come! It’s been a great year and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. This year I learned how to

Looking back over my year I didn’t think I’d get here this fast. What do I mean by that? Well, Cisa you’re life has changed tremendously over these past few years. In the midst of the changes, I realized they were necessary. They happened to you but they also happened FOR you!  For your growth, for your journey, for your faith, and for your future. So you’re here today happy, healthy, and whole.

It’s your birthday and you deserve to celebrate every small victory along the way.  So cheers to this New Year, New You, and New Life! We don’t always choose our path but we can choose how we go with the flow! I’ve continuously chosen to trust God and enjoy every moment along the way. Even if it’s through tears, questions, doubts, and fears. One thing I know is that God has and never will leave me or forsake me!

Happy Birthday Beautiful, I’m Proud Of You! Shine, Share, & Soar in 2019



Photographer: Jen T Wilson

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  1. Jen Wilson wrote:

    Continue to be you and let that light shine.

    Posted 8.27.18
  2. Telisha wrote:

    Im so late checking in but this little sequins number right is cuuuutttteeee up! Great read Virgo!

    Posted 9.4.18
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