Dear Hurricane Florance

Hey Flo Flo,

Thanks for shaking things up a bit for us over here on the east coast. I totally appreciate the way you had just about everyone shook to the core! I mean I’ve never seen so many people hop, skip, and jump out of town so fast. Thanks, to every news channel for updating us as fast as they could and keeping us on the edge of our seats. I must be honest I can’t recall the last time I kept my TV on the news channel all day long!! You’ve taught me a few things during your visit!

  1. Be Prepared!! Yes, we’ve all heard our mothers tell us to be prepared for anything at any time, BUT how many of us actually listen. I’m as guilty as they come! I was so not ready for anything. Flo, you have taught me a very valuable lesson to keep my pantry closest stocked with non-perishable items on deck. This will eliminate having to deal with everyone else trying to stock up!
  2. Save Money In A Hurricane Account. There has to be a purpose in the saving and living in the South this is a must!! For some having general savings account works but I need specifics. Without specifics, I’m guilty of the “I don’t have anything to wear” emergency syndrome and I’d end up using my money (I’m in rehab for this exact syndrome as we speak lol).  With a specific savings account, I can evacuate if need be or stay in a hotel for a few days. Either way, I’m going to put this into action asap.
  3. Enjoy. Simple right!!, but how many people stressed so much that they missed the opportunity to enjoy the moment. The first few days I did watch TV but I also made it known that I would enjoy this hurricane vacation. I’m the adventurous type and I generally love to have a good time. With that in mind, I added to my board game pile and purchased Twister, Uno Dare, Things, & Jenga! I was determined to make this Hurricane Vacation a Party! It didn’t matter If I would end up home alone or with my closest friends!! I would be keeping the party going!!

Thankfully I was able to evacuate with some of my Charleston family and put those games to good use! We ate, laughed, made memories, and bummed around. Either way,  I am blessed with amazing people in my corner who are there for me anytime I call!!

It’s scary to think you’d have to face such a storm alone, but God truly reminded me that I am alone BUT not lonely! He’s placed the right people in my circle to check in, call, take a boat or a plane (shoutout to my cousin who checked in and said he’d do just that lol) just to make sure I’m good!

So thank you Flo for all you’ve taught me in your quick visit to the East Coast. Thankfully my home is still intact along with my friends, and family. I am praying for all those who have been affected by this Hurricane. I pray we all learned something valuable from Hurricane Florance that we can take with us for years to come.

Here are some of my favorite memes from hurricane Flo:



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10 responses to “Dear Hurricane Florance”

  1. Great tips! Glad to hear everything is fine on your end though.

    Tammie | Photography & Lifestyle Blog


    1. Yes, thanks so much it was scary to think I wouldn’t return home how i left it!! Grateful indeed!! thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂


  2. Georgia gal here. It was so scary to see a hurricane headed for out beloved East Coast! How lucky you are to have evacuated and weather the storm (pun intended). When snow struck us I learned just how important dry goods are too! Yikes!


  3. This was great. It’s always good to be prepared. Glad that you are safe! Love the memes.


  4. I’m just glad to know that y’all are safe!!! But, yes I agree with you. Storms (if you’re in a safer area) are the best time to spend with your family and do all the things you wouldn’t do in your regular life. It slows you down and allows you to just enjoy life for a second.


  5. I’m glad you are safe and took a positive twist on the hurricane visit. Those memes are hilarious!


  6. I’m glad you were able to get out and be safe. The specific savings account was such a good piece of advice because I too suffer from having wardrobe emergencies lol. We don’t have hurricane soften here in Maryland but I’ll keep these tips in mind!!


  7. Wow! I don’t live in a hurricane area but I can totally relate to the angst that severe weather brings.


  8. So glad to know you all made it through! As a hurricane vet (living n FL), I always recommend that people take those storms seriously. It is easy to think things are being blown out of proportion until a nasty chick like Flo tries to lick in the door waving the four four. I like your reference to the hurricane fund too! When we were being faced with Irma, I immediately went to the ATM to pull out some cash. It wasn’t my hurricane fund but I knew ATMs don’t work without power and then there would be no way to purchase things. A

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  9. I saw a post about people returning a lot of groceries to the stores and the stores have to throw them out. They asked that you consider donating the unused goods to your local shelters. I thought this was a great idea! You made some really valid points ❤


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