The Darkest Shade

Growing up I often got teased for being dark especially in Junior High! I specifically remember being called “toast” the joke went something like this “you’re so dark you look like a burnt piece of toast” then there was the classic “Narblacka” I could go on and on about the jokes aimed my way.

Fast forward to 2018 and to be honest I still have some childhood residue that shows up every so often. Most times when I’m shopping for makeup and a voice in my head goes “I’m not THAT Dark!” like seriously Narcisa what is “THAT Dark!?” I go back and forth on whether or not I truly am the darkest shade in the product line. Most times I am and guess what that’s totally OK!! I’ve come to own being the darkest shade in the product line like never before! #teamchocolate

Over the Hurricane vacation, I hit up MAC cosmetics and grabbed a few of their newest shades for chocolate women like myself. To no surprise, at all, I was the darkest shade NW60 thank goodness they added more deep shades!

Pictured Below:

  • Studio Fluid Fix SPF 15 Foundation in NW60
  • Studio Fix Concealer in NW55
  • Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NW55


I also stopped in Sephora and added to my Fenty Line Collection the Stunna Lip Paint!! I already own her foundation in shade 480 Neutral and the concealer in Truffle Neutral!!

So cheers to the girls in the beauty aisle shopping for the darkest shade to match their melanin dripping goddess complexions. What shade are you? Chime in down below…

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  1. TheDailySunlight wrote:

    Alright listen up! You are beautiful. Girl you are sooo gorgeous like honestly I am loving all of your pictures. You look great the way you are. Just you in your simple way. You do not need to wear make up to make yourself feel better. You only need to accept yourself and be proud of you. How you look is what defines you. You have your own personality. Embrace it, girl. You are so goddamn pretty!

    Thanks for sharing this. 🙂 Stay Strong!

    Posted 9.24.18
    • Thank you so much, and yes I own it!! Took me some time but i am working my #richmelanin

      Posted 9.24.18
  2. Jasmine wrote:

    I loved this post! I am o happy that more women are embracing the skin they are in (coming from a dark skinned woman myself) 😃

    Posted 9.24.18
  3. chara wrote:

    Your skin complexion is absolutely perfect

    Posted 9.24.18
  4. I understand this all too well. It’s always like hmm do I go with the darkest shade of this foundation that’s till May not be dark enough 🙄. In this day and age being comfortable in your own skin comes hard sometimes especially when I feel like everyone is starting to look the exact same. I’m glad makeup lines are really starting to get it together and making deeper skin tones so everyone can be included from the lightest of the light to the darkest of the dark. Every shade in the melanin rainbow is beautiful.

    Posted 9.26.18
  5. shay wrote:

    I am so behind the times. I’ve still yet to try Fenty products…there’s just so many shades it’s hard to find the perfect match for me lol.

    Posted 9.26.18
  6. Brittany wrote:

    Awesome perspective! My shade in Fenty is 390. Her products were the first ones I actually put forth serious effort to use since I was never a makeup wearer. It’s been hard for me to find a brand/shade that works for me because of my red undertones. However, Fenty did it!!

    Posted 9.29.18
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