The Investment

What better way to close out the third quarter of the year than brunching it up with amazing business women. Last weekend I had the opportunity to share my blogging and Instagram knowledge for a business, brunch, and brainstorming event.

This year I told myself I’d launch out and speak more, shine more, and be shameless about my business and brand. Not only have I achieved those goals but I’ve grown so much in the process. I will never take all the credit because I didn’t do it alone but with amazing leaders cheering me on. Investing in a business coach and building community was the best choice ever.

If you’re in need of accountability, coaching, business tips, or help launching a vision get connected with The Career Success Network For Sidebizpreneurs and Ms. Charlenia Snider- Thee Goal Slayer

I am so grateful to be apart of both communities and connect with these fearless leaders. Check out all the fun we had at the most recent event lead by Ms. Crystal Johnson of The Career Success Network.

Invest in your business, invest in yourself, and invest in your future.

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16 thoughts on “The Investment

  1. Cool- I’m starting a non profit now, would be really cool to invest in someone who is knowledgeable in the field one day, thanks for sharing

  2. Awesome tips! The key is to link up with likeminded individuals that will SUPPORT each other. Blogging and business ownership isn’t easy. Therefore, the strength we have when we partner together definitely makes all the difference.