Falling For Fall

I am absolutely falling in love with everything fall. Fall candles, fall, decor, fall fun, and of course fall fashion. Embracing the cooler temps means adding slight changes to my wardrobe here and there. Check out these recent purchases from my favorite online store below.


So the cat’s out of the bag my all time favorite online shopping sites is


I grabbed this dress on their flash sale for $4.00 I know amazing right!!

The color screamed fall and I love that it has pockets!!


This next dress is a ribbed sheath dress and I scored this beauty for $2.00 this site just keeps getting better and better!!

I loved that it’s long sleeved and very warm.

I threw on my faux leather jacket just in case it got a little breezy. Might I add that this jacket comes from my local community thrift store for $3.00!!


I also snagged these adorable booties from my local  Goodwill  for $5.00

That’s about it for my current fall favorites! I’ll be back with more. Chime in below and let’s hear your fall favorites!

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