Today I felt like taping out! Taping out on what you ask?

On blogging

On creating

On content

On collaborating

On life honestly!!

I felt tired (inserts deep sigh)

Tired of logging on

Tired of mixing

Tired of mingling

And tired of giving to others what I want given to me!!


I was instantly reminded that someone is watching

Someone is inspired

Someone is encouraged

And someone needs what I have to offer!

I refuse to allow my momentary pity party to over-shadow every good thing God has blessed me with!

Every opportunity

Every open door

And every creative ability!!

This journey has only just begun!

Plus I’ve come to far to let it all slip away!!

So here’s to more creativity because it genuinely lives inside of me!!

I could use a hug though and I’ll wait to give all my love to my Chico baby!

#dogmom #doghugger

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Published by Narcisa Maura

I am Narcisa, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Currently residing in the Lowcountry of Charleston, South Carolina. I love combining the latest trends with my vintage style sprinkled with a touch of sophisticated funky edginess. I hope to inspire you to love your style and love life.

6 thoughts on “Today

  1. You are truly a blessing to those around you. Continue to be just that and you to will continue to be blessed. Also, remember you are your only competition the goal is to be better than you were the day before.

  2. Nice decision balance! It’s easy to want to put things down when we get overwhelmed. However, you’re right — someone is always watching. It could be our significant other, children, siblings, and even people we’ve never even met. It’s okay to take a step back sometimes to regroup but the key is to come on back. Keep up the great work!

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