I Vowed

I vowed it would be my choice

I vowed it wouldn’t be the same

I vowed I’d follow my gut

I vowed I’d open back up

Before I made their choice

I choose what looked the part

I choose what felt right

I overlooked the red flags

I overlooked the patterns

I overlooked my initial gut feeling

Oh but this time I’ve made vows to myself and I won’t turn back!

Learning to keep my very own promises.

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  1. Anshula wrote:

    Love this! This poem is so raw and inspirational and motivating.

    Posted 12.3.18
    • Thanks love, i wrote it in a vulnerable place! I appreciate you taking time to read my post! Have a great week!

      Posted 12.3.18
  2. Trusting your gut is always the WAY Narcisa. Your intuition knows. Always. Even if it feels uncomfortable, take that path.

    Posted 12.3.18
    • Yesss, so true often times we overlook those feelings!! Thanks for reading and responding!!

      Posted 12.3.18
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