I Vowed

I vowed it would be my choice

I vowed it wouldn’t be the same

I vowed I’d follow my gut

I vowed I’d open back up

Before I made their choice

I choose what looked the part

I choose what felt right

I overlooked the red flags

I overlooked the patterns

I overlooked my initial gut feeling

Oh but this time I’ve made vows to myself and I won’t turn back!

Learning to keep my very own promises.

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4 responses to “I Vowed”

  1. Love this! This poem is so raw and inspirational and motivating.


    1. Thanks love, i wrote it in a vulnerable place! I appreciate you taking time to read my post! Have a great week!


  2. Trusting your gut is always the WAY Narcisa. Your intuition knows. Always. Even if it feels uncomfortable, take that path.


    1. Yesss, so true often times we overlook those feelings!! Thanks for reading and responding!!


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