Teeth Whitening For Sensitive Teeth

I’ve always been a bit self-conscious about my smile until recently. For one my teeth are slightly crooked on the bottom and two they aren’t a natural white color. I mean hey everyone wants white teeth right!!?  As much as I love smiling, taking pics, and posting I have my reservations. I’ve come to push past my insecurities and just smile.

When approached by Smile Brilliant to give their at-home teeth whitening kit a go, I couldn’t resist.

Let’s talk about how it all goes down. First off you’ll get your kit in the mail which consists of the following:

What I loved about the kit was everything was nicely laid out and organized. I’m a visual learner and I loved the diagrams on the pamphlets breaking down each step.

Once you’ve carefully gone through your kit and have your items laid out and ready its time to mold. It took me a few tries but I finally got it right!

For the mold you mix one blue paste with one white paste as instructed.Place tray with mold in your mouth Then wait for the specified time to tick.

I shipped my trays off and eagerly awaited the return of my tray molds. The turn around time went super fast so I wasn’t waiting long.

My trays came in and I couldn’t be more pleased. The fit was perfect and the whitening process was easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. First off I cleaned the trays with warm water
  2. I applied the whitening gel to the trays.
  3. I placed them on my teeth and left it there for about 45mins to 3 hours tops.

It’s extremely important that after each use you follow up with your desensitizing gel. This helps eliminate teeth sensitivity or issues.

Overall the entire process was super easy and well planned out. Each step is clearly explained and easy to follow! I will continue to use my whitening gels as needed and especially for special occasions. Nothing like smiling bright with pearly whites. I highly recommend this at home teeth whitening company if you’re looking for a quick and easy process.

As you can see my smile is super bright and my teeth are just as white!

Professional Teeth Whitening //www.smilebrilliant.com/widget-article/narcisamaura

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