My Visit to Southbound

Southbound photos of and about the New South is an unprecedented photography exhibition co-curated by Mark Sloan, director and chief curator of the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, and Mark Long, professor of political science. 

Most recently I had an awesome night out with some of my brown girl blogger and creatives friends. We had the exhibit just for us! It was breathtaking, captivating, and memorable as we soaked in the capturing photos of the south.

The Cocktails Bandits served up the best mocktails as always! Mocktails specialty to the south and mixed with love and custom made. It’s always a rewarding time when we all get together. Our conversations are filled with life, love, encouragement, sista girl talk, and plans to grow our platforms the best we can! I’m forever grateful  to have these amazing women in my corner. You can follow each of them on their amazing platforms below:

Be sure to head over and check out the exhibit at the Halsey Art Institute located at 161 Calhoun St, Charleston, SC 29424. In the meantime check out some images from our night of fun!

It was more than just another fun night, it was a night of learning, embracing, and loving deeper this place I now call home through the arts. The south is more than what meets the eye it’s the stories the land tells and the stories that have yet to be told. 

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