Hello 2019

Hi my name is Narcisa, and I’m ready for everything you have for me!

I’m ready for flights, fun, food, fellowship, and love!

Oops I said it out loud!!

Yes, she’s ready but she won’t rush!!

No need in rushing love takes time!

Love that surrounds me in every area life!

A love filled career, loved filled friendships, a loved filled life!

Not that I haven’t experienced this but I’m ready for the new new!!

The fresh love filled life 2019 has for me! I can feel it and I know it’s coming.

2018 closed with me being truly open to the possibilities of a love filled life and I couldn’t be more happier.

I achieved some silent goals and watched my heart do somersaults as I waited in expectation of closing the deals!

Happy to say that I did!

So 2019 give me all of you and don’t you dare hold anything back!

Because I’m ready!


  1. realnelle wrote:

    Aw, love this girl! Wishing you the best year ahead x

    Posted 1.1.19
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