A Day For Me

How often do we get a day to just enjoy nature and all the beauty that it holds?

How often do we allow ourself to live in the moment?

Not often enough if you ask me.

When given the chance we should grab hold of it and enjoy every minute.

Over the weekend I had a chance to do just that. I was offered an amazing opportunity to go out to the stables and enjoy a day for me. A day filled with watching horses graze, lending a hand during a private ride for a student, and even jumping on for ride.

The horse pictured is Princess who was gentle, sweet, and beautiful. I could have stayed there all day but of course I had other places to be. I wouldn’t be Cisa if I didn’t attempt a photo-shoot of some sort with Princess and my friend before I left.

This day amongst horses in nature was just what I needed. Throw me in the woods, give me a sleeping bed, and a few friends and I’d be living the dream. I’m one city girl that defies the odds and loves the great outdoors. So blessed to be able to enjoy a day like this to kick start my week.

A huge thanks to The Sameul Lee Toney Sr. Foundation for allowing me this opportunity.

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