Leading Lady Of Charleston 2019

Who knew one tag in a Facebook post would lead me to my first pageant? Definitely not me but before I knew it March 2, 2019, came and the show was on.

The road to Leading Lady was phenomenal, I connected with amazing women and built a sisterhood like no other. Each of the contestants were outstanding and their platforms a cause worthy of your support. Check them out below

We laughed, volunteered, bugged out, did photo shoots, and made priceless memories. Before we knew it the day we all had been waiting for came in a blink of an eye. 


The Pageant consisted of 5 components: 1. Application Process, 2. Panel Interview, 3. Public Speaking, 4. Community Service, 5. Creativity and Fashion Sense.

That night of we presented our fashion sense and creativity.There were four categories 90s Urban Chic, The Duchhess, Historical Figure, and The Belle of The Ball. 

For the final category, we had to answer questions from the judges. I was nervous and on edge as to what they would ask us as we did not know. In the end, the question was perfect and I answered from my heart.


Each category flew by and before I knew it we were on stage waiting to see who won. My mind was racing with reasons as to why I might not win and what if I did. When I say racing I mean it and my heart was throbbing non- stop.

The announcement began with 2nd runner up Sofia Prioleau

1st runner up Stella Williams

In that moment I whole heartedly thought Stella won. I was thinking to myself why didn’t she walk up and do her speech. Then the announer said drum roll please for the finalist.

Yes, I Narcisa Hinds won Leading Lady Of Charleston 2019! the same woman who before the announcer said my name thought to herself no you didn’t win. You aren’t a mom, you don’t have degrees or accolades like the others, and even thought to myself youre just not good enough.

In the midst of all those negative thoughts God instantly canceled them. They said my name and He yet again restored me and showed me it’s about your heart, your personality, your compassion, and your gift. The gift of being me no matter what.

This has been a journey and has also shown me that no matter what I can’t give up on myself and i must always continue to say it with me “Grow and Glow”

Thanks to everyone who has supported me in some shape or form. I love you.

check out this video I created for the pageant
This one as well

I look forward to building on my platform and seeing my vision come to life of more anti-bullying programs in our schools. Who knows what this year has in store but no matter what I’m ready!!


  1. Congratulations! Well-deserved and isn’t amazing how we try to think ourselves out of things that are already ordained for us to have!

    Posted 3.5.19
    • Thank you so much!! It is truly something how we set our minds before allowing whats ours to truly come to us. Have a blessed week xoxo

      Posted 3.5.19
  2. Mars wrote:

    Congrats!! Good luck on your platform 👍

    Posted 3.5.19
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