10 Things About Foot Detox You Have To Experience For Yourself

I’m all about trying new things and being adventurous. These past few days my body had been feeling worn out to the max. A good friend of mine said that’s it’s I’m taking you to get your foot detoxed. The idea of it was a bit weird but I decided to go for it.

I’m so glad I didn’t refute her offer and here’s my 10 reason why you have to experience it for yourself:
  1. It boosts your mood.
  2. It balances your PH levels.
  3. It gives you more energy.
  4. Your skin and hair will become more healthier
  5. Stronger immune system
  6. An improved sense of wellbeing
  7. Burns calories
  8. Encourages normal blood sugar
  9. Boosts cardiovascular health
  10. Detoxifying the liver

As you can see there are quite a few benefits from foot detoxifying. I can attest to the mood boosting and feeling energized. After my session I felt ten times better than when I walked in. That evening I went home ate and relaxed the night away. The next morning I was back to my energized moving and grooving self. Even a close co-worker friend of mine noticed the change in my attitude.

Special thanks again to my friend for taking me to Moedim Day Spa for this amazing service. I highly recommend them if youre in the Charleston area. Take a peek into my session down below

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