The Floral Encounter Masterclass

Now, I’m not a florist but I do love flowers. I mean honestly, who doesn’t? I’ll wait….exactly no one lol. I most recently had an amazing opportunity to partake in a photo-shoot for the Floral Encounter Masterclass held by Michelle Summers of Your Signature Designs.

This opportunity fell in my lap and I couldn’t be more grateful. The night I won “Leading Lady Of Charleston” my dress caught many eyes. A huge thank you to my amazing designer who brought my dress to life Janaan of Billimon designs. That night in particular it caught the eyes of Mrs. Summers of Your Signature Designs who hosts this event.

Deya Patterson my sister and friend is her assistant. The next day Deya called and said “Michelle wants you in that dress for a shoot.” I couldn’t be more elated and flattered. I have been following Your Signature Designs for years and would drool over her wedding decor designs. Fast forward to her wanting me as a model I wasn’t passing this up.

I showed up ready to have a blast and with my dresses in hand. Upon entering the model only area I was overjoyed to see my sister Jamie Gourdine on set to model as well. It’s always great to collab with friends. The day started with hair slayed by Sharmin Washington of Forever Hair. Then on to makeup by Valish of Brushed Beauty. After which we got dressed and headed off to a day in front of the camera.

Sharmin of Forever Hair in the middle.

There were about eight photographers on set that day and we were pulled from left to right. My first few shots were solo and after that the male model showed up. I was informed prior in my initial conversation with Deya that I’d be the only one with a groom. During our conversation she never specified who and I didn’t ask. Well well, who else walks down the hall but my good friend and barber Slim of Slims Grooming Lounge. Seeing him made me laugh and think to myself well at least I know we are about to kill it and have a blast at the same time.

Check out Slim’s YT Channel

We walked into the first room and I was blown away. The room was setup like a wedding reception and my oh my was I in love. Everything was so nicely arranged down to the smallest details. When my day does come I will be calling Ms. Summers!

The day was long and fun at the same time! I’m grateful for the opportunity as I do wholeheartedly enjoy modeling. Who knows where this will lead me but for now I’ll enjoy every opportunity and for this one I’m forever grateful.

Check out a few shots from the day below

Be sure to check out more images on the photographers websites listed below:


  1. Such beautiful photography and that centerpiece is everything!

    Posted 3.20.19
  2. I love flowers too and have been dreaming of attending a flower arrangement workshop. It seems you had a brilliant time.

    Posted 3.20.19
  3. Irene wrote:

    Looks like a lot of fun! Beautiful photos!

    Posted 3.20.19
  4. Oh, everything looks so beautiful, and that sounds like it was so much fun! How awesome!

    Posted 3.20.19
  5. Lisa wrote:

    Wow! You look stunning and that dress is so beautiful and unusual!

    Posted 3.21.19
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