Spring Break 2019

It’s finally here the break we teachers wait in anticipation for. It’s the break before the Summer Break. The one that gives us a breathe of fresh air to keep going.

The kick off to my spring break did just that. My spring break started with a trip down to Atlanta Georgia. To be honest I didn’t think I would make it as the night before I went to Charleston’s Fashion Week Opening.

I got home late and collapsed on my bed. My rest was probably about four hours. The main thing is that I made it.

My drive down was a mini Beyoncé concert. That made the trip super fast and I arrived just in time.

First stop The Ladies In The Industry Event in support of my best friend Ashley W. Gillett author of Red Flags Run. Ashley was a guest speaker for the Singles Panel. She did an awesome job and the discussions were lit.

The other panel discussions went great as well. They had

  • Finance Panel
  • Mental Health Panel
  • Politics Panel
  • Motherhood Panel
  • Singles Panel

The energy that day was vibrant and full of women connecting, collaborating, and networking. I left full of knowledge and just grateful to be in the midst of women making their mark in the media industry.

This event was the kick off I needed, but the icing on the cake goes to all of my childhood friends being together in one place.

If I don’t do anything else for the rest of this break my heart is content because this weekend was everything.

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