2nd Annual Charleston’s Fashion & Vendors Expo.2019.

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the 2nd Annual Charleston’s Fashion & Vendors Expo.2019. held by Soul 2 Sole Boutique.

Upon entry I was taken aback by all the amazing vendors. The selection was very diverse from food to clothes and juices. Not only were the vendor selections diverse but the age range in business owners were as well. It’s beautiful to see young, old, and middle aged making boss moves.

The event was filled with beautiful women dressed to the nines. Considering it was a fashion show I had to whip out my The Brand Label “Beyonce” inspired pants as I like to call them. I paired them with my make shift tube top. Lately I’ve been loving taking one of my long sleeved shirts and turning it into a custom styled tube top.

The fashion show portion was on point! The styles were in season and full of vibrant neon colors.

Photo credit taken by Jason Cordes

The guest speaker left me so full of wisdom, insight, and a renewed passion to pursue my dreams. The lovely Keisha Green shared her story of triumph and not allowing her situation to determine her future. Instead she used her situation to birth new businesses, new goals, and new dreams.

Although she’s in a wheelchair her personality, determination, and charisma makes her stand 10ft tall. Most of all her faith in God has elevated more than ever before.

Her message had so many gems that touched my heart. In all of that the takeaway for me was that “what I want, wants me.” It’s not unheard of but it hit home coming from this beautiful soul for me in that moment. It’s like it all came crashing in my goals want me, my dreams want me, and love wants me. Trust I’m coming for it all in Gods timing.

Thank you Ms. Keisha Green for sharing your story and leaving an imprint on my heart and in my spirit.

This event was for me and it was more than just a Fashion & Vendor Expo it was an experience. I hope to see you at the next one. Be sure to follow Soul 2 Sole Boutique to keep up with their amazing pieces and all that they have going on.

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Until next time…..


  1. Leighton Ld DaCosta wrote:

    You looked AMAZING!

    Posted 5.13.19
  2. What a beautiful post. Sis them Beyoncé pants looked amazing on you and your skin is just glowing. I love it women support each other. So thank you for sharing this piece with us

    Posted 5.14.19
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