Girls’ Night Out: Blue Note Bistro Style

A night of soul, spice, and everything nice. Most recently I had the pleasure of attending The Blue Note Bistro’s grand opening.

According to Blue Note Bistro, “The Blue note Bistro is North Charleston’s Newest Restaurant that promises to give you an experience that will be at a “Slightly different pitch than standard”. It’s unique formula of Carolina’s top southern cuisine, live entertainment, charming atmosphere, accompanied by great customer service equals an excellent dining experience!”

The grand opening did not disappoint. Upon entering the Blue Note I was greeted by a lovely host and a room filled with positive vibes. The energy felt great and I knew it was going to be an awesome night. The seats were filled and there was standing room only at the bar. I quickly found the last two top round table in the corner perfect for myself and a friend. Icing on the cake we had a great view of the stage for the live bands.

I was immediately greeted by a server ready to take my order. I quickly ordered a light drink entitled “The Blue Note Bistro Special”.

This drink was a citrus delight with a slight kick at the end. After my first glass I knew this would be my drink of the night.

The menu was short and sweet with a few of Charleston’s staple bites.

The live music was on point and as always I danced the night away with friends and had a great time.

This grand opening was a night well spent and a place I highly recommend for a date night, girls night, or just a quick bite to eat.

Be sure to follow The Blue Note Bistro to stay up to date with everything they’ll be bringing our way.

Published by Narcisa Maura

I am Narcisa, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Currently residing in the Lowcountry of Charleston, South Carolina. I love combining the latest trends with my vintage style sprinkled with a touch of sophisticated funky edginess. I hope to inspire you to love your style and love life.

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