EB Fitness

It’s summer and of course, we all wanted our summer bodies pre-summer but most of us aren’t there yet. I’m definitely one of those people who haven’t quite reached their summer body goals. Thankful for a great friend with a great business that’s in health and fitness.

EB Fitness is run an owned by Erica Bennet a dear friend of mine. It’s so amazing to see her opens her business and have things rolling within a year of her opening. I’ve seen and witnessed her sweat and tears go into creating a space where one can build muscles, learn healthy eating habits, and grow a stronger state of mind. I could not pass up a chance to swing by her spot and show my support.

Most recently I finally had a free evening and made my way to Xtreme Hip Hop lead by Nejapa. After seeing tons of videos I finally built up the guts to give it a shot. Now if you’ve been following me for a while you know I love to dance. I’m always up for a great night on the dance floor but this class had me questioning my abilities via the videos. It looked so fun yet so confusing. Thankful to say I made it through the class with a few mid haps but I had fun.

Nejapa definitely brings energy and makes sure everyone is comfortable. The steps are broken down piece by piece and then we went full throttle. Song after song we did high knees, sidekicks, and a few squats. Listen I left sweating and ready for the next class.

I’m super excited to be taking y’all through a week of EB Fitness. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel Narcisa Maura to stay updated for the vlog footage. I can’t wait to try the other classes offered at EB Fitness.

If you’re in the Charleston area I highly recommend EB Fitness for personal training to group classes and more.

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