A Fathers Place

Imagine a place where men can come together from all different backgrounds and all different ages. Imagine a place where father’s can be candid and share their struggles and their triumphs. Imagine a place where they can grow and get the support they need to succeed. It’s the Fathers Place.

Recently I attend a GradUption for a friend and I left touched. I witnessed men joining forces and building community under great leadership. Leaders committed to see their participants grow and be the father’s God desires them to be. Men of valor, wisdom, and integrity. What touched me the most was seeing their families come out in full force to support their efforts. This is what community looks like and this is what family does. Family supports each other along life’s journey.

A Fathers Place is for any man desiring to better himself. There was no differentiation they were all one supporting each other. This support was displayed in full force when they honored a member who passed on before graduation. His lost hit them in a way unexplainable but they honored him like he was right there and never left their side.

A Father’s Place is the only non-profit with more than ten years of experience within the Waccamaw region. They are located in Conway, Myrtle Beach and Georgetown, South Carolina. They also serve father’s from surrounding counties including Williamsburg and Marion. They serve approximately 200 fathers each year.  

I left honored to be amongst the crowd supporting my friend along his journey. A journey not many men willing embark upon. Hats off to him as this is only the beginning for all that’s in store for his future. As they say at The Fathers Place you don’t just graduate and leave you move up. Up to becoming a leader, a counselor, or even an employee.

Congrats to all of the 2019 graduates. May the world be forever impacted by your hard work and dedication towards being a better man and father.

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