Goodbye June, Hello July

Wow, I can’t believe it’s July already. I’m excited to be in a new month and crushing new goals but I’m not ready to think about work. So I won’t! Instead what I will do is reminisce on how amazing June was.

June went by super slow but somehow kinda fast. I spent this first month of summer break hanging with little people, hitting the pool and of course going to local events. I also worked hard on my blog creating new graphics and staying consistent with my Instagram account.

This month ended with a bang! My weekend was full from Voices Of Fashion to Charleston Natural Hair Expo I was on go! Honestly, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I enjoy these types of events and creating content. Below you’ll find a few pictures from this weekend and videos. I hope you enjoy and feel like you were right there with me.

Voices Of Fashion:

Meet n Greet at Blue Note Bistro

Street Fashion Show

The Finale

Video Footage

Street Show Recap

The Finale Recap

Charleston Natural Hair Expo

All White Brunch #BrunchwithEDEN

Video Recap Of The Expo & Brunch

Happy July keep aiming for the sky and reaching those goals. A little friendly reminder that It’s your wining season.

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