5 Reasons Why Kids Love Code Camp

This summer I had the pleasure of coming on board with The Red Sunflower as a content creator for codecamp. My excitement for codecamp couldn’t be contained as I was eager to dive in and get going.

The week went by fast yet slow as each day was filled with new adventures . The goal for the camp was to build a website from scratch. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. I commend the students on their hard work and dedication towards building their sites. Every student came ready to learn and have fun because duh it’s summer and a summer camp without fun is plain boring. Codecamp was clearly not boring and here’s why five reasons why kids love codecamp:

  1. Kids love technology.
  2. They get to create their own personalized website.
  3. Learning coding exposed them to a new tech language.
  4. They get to hang out with their friends on the computers for a week.
  5. They have a chance to hear from the pros in the technology field.

Those were reasons straight from the students themselves. I had a chance to ask around during the week why they liked code camp and well there you have it. Their top response and I was in awe of their excitement and enthusiasm.

Their sites were amazing and they had a blast doing it. Throughout the week there were special guest speakers sharing their use of technology in the workforce.

The students were engaged and full of great questions. All in all the students had fun, learned to code, and created their own personalized website. Wouldn’t you love for your kid to do just that? Stay tuned because codecamp will be back next summer. Don’t miss out!!

Be on the lookout next summer over at The Red Sunflower

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