Everything You Need To Know About Trappy Hour

First off Trappy Hour is hosted by the fabulous dynamic duo Cocktail Bandits who are well known worldwide for their specialty cocktails. If you don’t know about them you better ask somebody

They are more than just cocktail lovers but music lovers as well. My first time connecting with these ladies was right on the dance floor. So it’s not surprise that they’d host Trappy Hour.

The truth is it’s more than an hour and more than just trap music. It’s an opportunity to showcase the low country’s talented rappers. It’s an opportunity to bring young creatives and music lovers together and vibe out! All while enjoying a taste of their hand mixed dranks!

I had the pleasure of attending their most recent Trappy Hour night and it was even trappier than before. Trappy Hour is held at The Royal American with 75% of the music being played coming straight from Charleston’s finest. I enjoyed delicious Espolòn Tequila cocktails and danced the night away!

Check the fun below…

Cleary I had a grand time if you’re local I highly suggest you stay connected with this dynamic duo for all they’ve got going on!!

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