Boss Babes, Brides, & Bubbly

Let me ease your anxious mind I went as a boss babe and not a bride! Now that’s out of the way let’s get into this awesome event! I had the pleasure of attending this exclusive event with my girls The Fashionable Traveler and Xoxo I Joelle. The night was filled with fun, mixing, mingling, and soaking in all that Model Bride had to offer us.

From the moment I stepped in the room I couldn’t stop ooing and ahhing. Everything was so sparkly, white, and eye catching. I won’t lie the thought of remarrying and walking down the aisle did cross my mind and left instantly. I’m good right now enjoying life and all that it brings me. However, in a room full of wedding dresses and boss babes I couldn’t help but to feel the vibes so I jumped in a dress.

The detailing and style of this dress is what caught my eye. It’s not my typical look I’d go for but it had the bling I love. Surprisingly the size 6 fit like a charm and the price was on point coming in at $650! Now that’s a deal especially in today’s market. Here is a more close up look of the dress…

As the night went on I saw a few other pieces that caught my attention like this ensemble below…

Cute right! As the night continued we bumped into my favorite blogging duo Adventures Of A Ginger & A Blonde they are the best!

I had a wonderful time a huge congrats to Hoang Vi for putting on such a great event for Boss Babes and Brides. Enjoy the remaining pics and clips…

How could I forget we couldn’t resist heading down the block and grabbing a bite to eat from Hom Charleston

A huge thanks to A Taylored View for capturing these dope images of me. No night out is complete without a photoshoot!

Now that’s a wrap until next time Glow Getters

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