I Get It!

This isn’t my average post it’s actually going to get very candid. Brace yourself before you proceed and you can’t say I didn’t warn you. Also please note this MY personal experience and not meant to alter or change anyone’s perspective.

It clicked in the middle of worship down at the altar. The same alter where I’ve cried tears of joy, hurt, and pain. The same alter where I stood as a unified front pleading over my marriage and the same altar where I fought with God not to end it.

It clicked that heaven isn’t about me, you, or anyone else. Heaven is Gods kingdom filled with believers who’ve overcome life’s challenges. Heaven isn’t going to be filled with name tags saying I’ve overcome alcohol abuse, sex abuse, a broken marriage, cheating, stealing, or being a sex offender. Heaven will be filled with our souls rejoicing and praising the one truly almighty and living God.

It clicked that our churches should be a replica of heaven on earth. It should be filled with over-comers worshipping God as one. It also clicked that I was wrong. During my time of separation and hurt I felt in my heart that I shouldn’t be in the same church as my soon to be ex husband. God knew what happened and honestly most of the church did (let’s just say it was church gossip). It clicked that we both needed to heal and it didn’t matter about the church it was about our personal relationships with Christ.

Fast forward and I’m back at this same altar healed, whole, and restored worshipping in the presence of my ex husband but overall most importantly Christ!! It was never about Him, me, or the church. It was about God!! Who was I to think that he didn’t deserve to worship in the same church as me. It clicked that if God could heal me and I can now stand tall and proud of overcoming. I should have them been able to stand in the midst of a broken heart in that same place focusing on God and not what surrounded me.

May every church be a replica of heaven on earth. May you not allow distractions to hinder your own relationship with Christ. I’ve grown and I’m glowing from the inside out.

Be encouraged and remember it gets better!! I’m a living witness

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