Civic Dinners Charleston Style

I knew nothing of Civic Dinners until I got a quick text from a friend telling me to sign up! Coming from her it didn’t take much to let me know this is where we needed to be. Yet again she was right and I left the dinner that night full of new insight and inspiration.

So what’s a civic dinner? Civic Dinners is a platform that brings people together to have conversations that matter. With the help of technology, they help people transform dinner tables into forums for positive social change. This is done by providing a simple framework for conversations that matter, anyone, anywhere, can use Civic Dinners as a tool for organizing and action.

Civic Dinners works through these 5 easy steps

  1. A host
  2. 6-10 diverse guest
  3. 3 big questions
  4. Equal time to share
  5. One voice at a time

The Civic Dinner I attended was hosted by Chevalo and Monique Wilsondebriano of Charleston Gourmet Burger Company. It wasn’t your average sit down dinner with round table talk. This dinner was all about connecting and learning from others entrepreneurs. My table was full of diversity and great conversations. Lucky me I got picked to be the table moderator and facilitator of the nights conversations. Needless to say our table was the most engaged and full of life.

Apart from the awesome conversations the space was breathtaking and the meal delectable. They also had a photo booth area perfect for social media posting. If you’ve been looking for the perfect get together of business owners and entrepreneurs I highly suggest hosting your own civic dinner.

I’m looking forward to hosting my own and attending future Charleston Civic Dinners in the near future! Until next time grow and glow!

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