Sunday Funday

Sunday’s to me means time spent with family and loved ones. Lucky for me I’m no longer the only person in Charleston, SC. Now my Sunday’s are complete thanks to my parents relocating and loving their best retired life.

Growing up we’d go to church then enjoy a family meal. Most times I’d get my siblings to agree with me to convince our parents out to eat. Fast forward to today and my parents love finding new places to eat. This Sunday my mom suggested The Miller’s ” a restaurant she read about in People Magazine. The funny thing is we are “The Miller’s” no pun intended it’s just the facts.

Upon entering I instantly felt like I stepped into a scene from “The Notebook” the place was super cute and gave me all the retro vibes.

Cute right! Not only was the space amazing so was the food.

I ordered a southern staple shrimp and grits with home fries. My mom ordered a vegetable frittata and dad also had a southern staple of shrimp and grits. We couldn’t stop raving of the well put together flavors. A huge thanks to our server Jd Dauro for the suggestions.

I got up to stretch my legs and bumped into their retro inspired sitting area

I then strutted over to the bathroom that yet again took my breathe away.

We couldn’t say our goodbyes without having some dessert. I went with the Moon Pie and my dad had the Coconut Rum Pie both so scrumptious.

Unfortunately dad ate his before I could snap a picture. I’m trying to get them hip to this Blogger life of mine. No eating before pictures ha ha.

All in all I highly recommend “The Miller’s” for a lovely Sunday or any day brunch.


  1. Denay Stroy wrote:

    Looks like yall had an awesome time. I love the vibes of the restaurant.

    Posted 10.3.19
  2. lindapurcell724gmailcom wrote:

    I was born in Charleston. We live in Atlanta now. Travel to Charleston twice a year at least. My favorite city on Earth. Where is Miller’s?

    Posted 1.5.20
    • I love ATL its so vibrant!! Millers is on King St next time you’re in town you should give it a try.

      Posted 1.5.20
      • lindapurcell724gmailcom wrote:

        We will. ATL is great but no ocean.

        Posted 1.5.20
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