We Brunch Charleson

Read that again We Brunch! Keyword We! We= togetherness We = united front We= Women under one roof supporting each other. I think you get.

We brunch was about everyone and oddly enough just about everyone was rocking some sort of yellow. Yellow represents joy, creativity, and hope. The room was filled with each of those components. We Brunch was held at the lovely Hotel Indigo in Mount Pleasant.

There were great vendors, amazing food, and good vibes everywhere.

Being in a room filled with so much joy, love, and support was priceless. You couldn’t have left the brunch without feeling connected and inspired. All thanks to the awesome panel reminding us to take time for self care and connecting with others.

One thing I’ve come to love about attending brunches is having a valid reason to get dolled up. For this brunch I jumped into my now favorite yellow dress from Banana Republic, it’s simple and chic. The pockets were like icing on a cake the best part. I paired my bright yellow dress with my new Sam Elderman red sling back velvet pumps.

Yellow is my spirit color and I won’t stop rocking it! I could go on and on about We brunch but there were a few nuggets that hit home. Hit play down below to hear all about it.

A huge congrats and thank you to the lovely boss babe and visionary behind We Brunch Monique Hill you are simply amazing and powerful. Thank you for bringing us all together for such a wonderful time.

Her Platforms: Aboutherbiz Webrunch

Until next time…

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