Kmoni Cosmetics a handcrafted plant based cosmetics line. A line created with care, love, passion, and creativity. I came across Kmoni Cosmetics via a Facebook group filled with boss women and entrepreneurs looking to connect. I started following them on the gram and was immediately drawn to their product from their vibrant packaging and Instagram feed.

Their website was just as vibrant and they have so many products I couldn’t decide. Lucky for me I saw their ad for Brand Ambassadors in which I immediately signed up and today I’m on their team!

The products came just in time for my wash day and protective style prepping. My package consisted of their

My hair was left smelling like a tropical paradise and smooth like butter. This line superceed my expectations.

If you haven’t I highly suggest giving this brand a try. Stay tuned for more detailed post on how I use this product line on my hair. Be sure to hit the link below to check out how I use their Hair oil.

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