1,000 Deaths

They say once something dies that it!

I beg to differ.

Once something dies it means it’s the end right!?, but what happens when love dies yet the memories still live on?

What happens when you look death in the face over and over again only to be reminded that it didn’t last.

1,000 deaths takes place every time you see something that once made you smile, or  hear a song that once symbolized a love so true, or when the date that changed your world only serves as a reminder of something that failed.

Here is what you do!

You make new memories

You smile and know that it was for your good

You write your story of how you’ve overcome

Better yet you leave it at the foot of the cross!

Only there can you find joy instead of mourning, life over death, and peace in the midst of the storm.

Clearly Iv’e come to terms with 1,000 deaths myself but I didn’t let it kill me! I let it renew and refresh me!


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  1. Yes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and wiser for sure! Keep glowing!

    Posted 11.25.19
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