Farm Fun

Thanksgiving has become a bit spontaneous for me over the past few years. In the spontaneity I’ve come to learn that traditions lie within. What’s in your heart matters most. My heart is filled with love for family.

As we know family isn’t always blood but those who have become like family. A group of people supporting, loving, uplifting, and standing by each other no matter what.

As each New Year brings something different I’m always surrounded by family. This year I had the pleasure of celebrating Thanksgiving on a farm.

It was beautiful and breathtaking. I took it all in one moment at a time. Of course I instantly ran to snap pics of the horses and goats. The animal lover in me couldn’t resist.

After enjoying a lovely meal I took a walk with some of the family to see the property. It immediately took me back to my childhood days at Camp Taconic in Red Hook NY. Every summer I spent weeks at Camp enjoying nature, hiking, and swimming. Whenever I’m out in nature like this I get flashbacks. Camp T is forever stamped on my heart.

Acres on acres there we were walking and enjoying each other’s company. We had the most refreshing conversations on life and what we were thankful for. It was refreshing to hear young girls talk about their love for family and God. They were all so appreciative for having the opportunity to live on a farm and be amongst family. At the heart of everything we go through in life core values matter most. Having a sense of recognizing not just God but Christ love for us and our families. To see girls ages 10-20 express that made my heart smile. It also encouraged me to dig deeper in my own journey.

In that moment I was blessed to be in good company and beholding God’s handiwork. All in all it was a thanksgiving I’ll never forget. From running in the fields to chasing cats and petting goats Thanksgiving 19 is forever in my heart. Thank you for welcoming me in with open arms. May your land overflow will blessings on blessings. Oh and I’ll be back for sure!

Enjoy these captured moments

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  1. Great post and artistic photos! Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

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  2. These photos are absolutely beautiful! It sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! x



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