This time last week I was gearing up to head out to my first Her Habbkuk brunch. I’ve been following #HashtagFreeFoundation for about a year now, and I love what the brand stands for. Their mission is to “fortify African American and underserved communities through Fellowship, Resources, Education, and Empowerment.” With a mission like this and the visionary behind it I knew I couldn’t miss it.

There I was en route to what I’d imagine would be a nice brunch. A nice brunch was truly an understatement. This brunch was phenomenal from the moment I entered the door until the moment I left.

With my sister in town for the holidays I was able to make it a girls day. A day for just my sister, mother, and I to bond. Having them accompany me made it even more memorable. We came ready to create our 2020 vision boards and enjoy the day.

The room was full and the tables were filled with inspiration all around. I felt the love, hope, and excitement in the air. It was refreshing to see multiple shades of beautiful brown women all around. I kept thinking to myself how powerful and rich the room was. I also thought how that moment and that environment cancelled every lie that says black women can’t get along.

There we were gathered together soaking in the testimonies of other women who had traveled their own journeys of trials and triumph. Each story was candid and encouraging. As they all spoke I admired that they held nothing back. Each story touched my heart and left an impact on me to press on towards greatness.

Our vision board session was tons of fun as I sat with the most amazing women. Our little corner couldn’t stop laughing, connecting, and creating. After all was said and done I gained a few new gal pals to collab with.

When it comes to vision board parties I rarely finish mine but this time was different. All thanks to my sister finding little clips that resonated with me and my journey. My board was finally finished and very sentimental to me. My favorite clipping I added reads…

She did the deep personal work necessary to find JOY, to feel as though her life was worth something. To truly believe that SHE MATTERS!

Author unknown

The day was winding down and I had to snap a few pics and add to the chalkboard. The chalkboard was meant for each of us to write things we’re leaving in 2019 check out what I wrote.

Yup! Confusion. I will be clear and precise every step of the way.

So glad this board challenged me to dig deep and leave confusion behind. It was a beautiful moment. To complete our powerful session we were lead to read aloud the Her Habakkuk affirmation. An affirmation with purpose, meaning, and a strong message.

No brunch is truly complete without dancing and singing and that we did. The DJ cued the anthem of the day Whitney Houston’s “I’m Every Women” and we took off singing, dancing, and ending the day on high.

That my friends was my last Brunch of 2019 a brunch I’ll never forget. A huge thanks to the visionary Toya Williams on a successful brunch and for having me as the guest blogger. Connect with Hashtag Free Foundation and follow this powerful movement and be sure to catch the 2020 vision board brunch.