Goodbye Sweet 2019

Wow is all I can say! Wow time truly flies. Growing up I always heard old folks talk about how time flies and well now I’m the old folk. Just kidding but I’m not as young as I use to be.

Let’s recap 2019 my year of triumph. The year I truly stepped into the Narcisa I see myself becoming. I say becoming because it’s a life long journey of daily wake ups and mindset shifting. It takes work to be and live the life we truly desire.

In my hello 2019 entry my last sentence went like this “So 2019 give me all of you and don’t you dare hold anything back!” I am happy to say I spoke it into existence because it truly held nothing back.

Photography By Barry Lee Polk

Each day brought something different as it should. Somewhere in the mix of the 365 days I realized that in 2019 I solidified my community (friends, family, & my support system) , tapped into my creativity (guest blogging and fine tuning my blogging voice), continued to grow internally (speak to negative thoughts and healing from emotional abuse) , had multiple partnerships (with brands and locally) , heard congratulations more times than I could count (I won titles and various awards), and loved myself much deeper.

2019 went fast and gave me things I didn’t know I needed. Im forever thankful and leaving 2019 full and living a life of peace!!

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