I’m A Digital Girl

I’m a digital girl in a digital world!! Of course I am It’s 2020 and well we all are. More than likely you’re reading this on your Iphone or android and you found this post scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. All digital technology and an app.

Let’s talk apps, if you’re an app lover like this post. Okay, so I know I’m not the only one who downloads a new app just about every week. You love apps too right!? In honor of the New Year I’m sharing with you my top five apps of 2019. These apps helped me create all the fun content over on my Instagram and right here on my blog. So without further or do here they are:

My Top 5 Apps

  1. Mojo for video editing
  1. StoryLuxe for instagram and facebook stories
  1. PicsArt for editing my photos
  1. When To Post for knowing the prime times to post content with high engagement.
  1. Later for scheduling my post so I don’t have to do everythign manually on a daily.
  1. Google Keep for storing all my hashtags and blog ideas

There you have it my go to apps for getting things done. Each app is available for download on the Iphone and android platform. Be sure to head over to my Instagram to check out my highlights created using these apps. If you’d like a detailed how to video just let me know in the comments and share your favorite apps as well.

Here’s A Quick Snapshot Of My IG Feed

I hope this post helps and may your 2020 content be taken #upanotch

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