High Heels & High Profits: The Recap


Lanetra King of Indiekater PR and Candace Michelle of Cohen Brand Management are two women who do just that. I’ve been sitting on the side lines watching their growth and reading their post. They both are highly educated and knowledgeable in their field and together they are powerful.

These two boss women have joined forces and loving named themselves The Duo Collective . Together they create a community for Female Entrepreneurs providing unlimited resources, tools and information to scale your business beyond 6 figures. I had the pleasure of attending High Heels & High Profits.

High Heels & High Profits was held Saturday Jan 18th at 82 Queen one of Charleston’s top restaurants.

The day started with a few cocktails during mixing and mingling. It was great to meet new people and see some old faces. All while sipping on some refreshing cocktails.

We then proceeded to our private dining area set to the nines. The room was intimate and the energy was welcoming. As the blogger of the day I greeted the group with a warm welcome as I continued to grace the room. The ladies were all so beautifully dressed and ready to learn. Soon after the Duo Collective stepped on the scene fabulously dressed and ready to drop some knowledge.

Their introduction was seamless as they each gave their own personal background experience and how they became The Duo Collective. From that moment on my pen was moving and hand raising to grasp the information being given.

Some huge gems that stuck with me were:

  • Creating a solid system
  • Having a concrete media kit
  • Studying what months are best for my business and brand.

Both ladies gave useful tips and tricks on how to master our businesses and have a plan of action once we left.

This was my first time at 82 Queen and it was a great experience. Our waitress was friendly and helpful when it came to ordering our meals. Shrimp and grits are my go to meal but this time I went with something light. I had their yogurt parfait with fresh berries and an orange marmalade. One of the best parfaits I’ve had in a very long time. Desserts are my specialty and my chocolate cheesecake was the icing on the cake.

Between eating taking notes, and being poured into I was fully satisfied. Lanetra and Candice left no question unanswered and made sure we got what we wanted out of our time. The time went fast and I couldn’t have been more grateful to be the blogger on scene. My mind was racing with new ideas and ways to implement what we learned.

High Heels & High Profits left me ready to create plans for my business and ways to do just that. I highly recommend attending the next one as the information they provide will alter the future of your business.

Today I can now say I have a digital storefront where I sell ebooks and digital products. Having a system in which to have one has been the issue at hand but after leaving high Heels & High Profits I did the work and set a system in place. Who knew I had the tools and resources all along I just needed the extra push. A huge thanks to Ms. Lanetra Kind and Candice Cohen for that nudge. Check out my store HERE

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