Secure The Bag

Happy finally Februaury! January felt like a whole year wrapped in one month that dragged on. Yet, here we are and I started my month with a bang and attended the “Secure The Bag” workshop lead by Ms. Tyra Berry of “The Goal Slayers Tribe

If you’re not familiar with the Goal Slayers Tribe, in a nutshell we are aspiring and seasoned, innovative leaders who are invested in personal and professional growth by making God our center base.

Most recently I became the Official blogger for The Goal Slayers Tribe, which means I’ll be giving you all the tea on events and more. You can also read more details and join the tribe over at The Goal Slayers Tribe.

Now let’s get into the Secure Your Bag Workshop. With January being so long and what many of us like to call a “trial month” I needed this class. A workshop dedicated to helping us budget our business finances was a great way to kick off the month. As I continually build my brand and my business it’s important for me to have a secure financial foundation.

This workshop taught me how to do just that. Tyra gave detailed information and allowed us to get hands on and do the work. Math isn’t my strong suit and I tend to shy away from budgeting classes but I knew facing my fears would be key. During the class we engaged with our numbers and it became much clearer for me to understand. This clarity enabled me to see what I need to do in order to be where I want to be financially. Learning has to be a combination of aural, visual, and physical which leaves the strongest impact for me. Working my numbers on paper and seeing it come to life made my financial future more tangible. After leaving this class I now have a sense of confidence in what I can attain and how to go about budgeting my business finances. I also have a budgeting worksheet I can use to tackle my budget independently at home or on the go. Now my bag is secured I’m ready to get this money and budget it accordingly.

Everything was on point from the energy in the room to the food on the table and the music in the air. I must say every Goal Slayers Tribe event is different yet the sense of community, love, and empowerment is always felt. It amazes me how so often we’ve heard “women don’t get along” or “women are catty” but this community tears down all those lies.

I’m a boss babe surrounded by boss women making boss moves to continuously build their businesses and brands. If you’re not be sure to tap into this awesome community that accepts all and empowers everyone we come in contact with.

Set goals.

Stay focused.

Make money.

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