She’s So Slutty

Hol up, hol up, hol up, did you read the title right!? Yes you sure did I said slutty and for clarity purpose I’m solely talking about the oh so famous Slutty Vegan (Inserts happy dance)

Slutty Vegan is a 100% plant-based burger restaurant that has become such a food sensation in Atlanta and worldwide. Slutty Vegan is known for bringing fun vegan options to spice up your everyday quinoa or brussels sprout meal.

Their food delivers great taste and a whole lot of vegan sensation. So why should you try it? For one they refuse to believe a vegan can’t enjoy junk food. At Slutty Vegan they combine superb taste with plant based ingredients so you can remain vegan and get a little naughty.

Slutty Charleston

Atlanta is Slutty Vegans home base but due to their high demand Slutty Vegan hit the road for it’s first tour. Lucky for me they stopped in my area and I finally had a chance to get naughty slutty style. The Slutty Vegan food truck rolled up on the Charleston scene to one of the best spots in town The Royal American put that truck in park and hit us hard. The turnout was amazing just about everyone was on line to get slutty.

I knew the anticipation would be high and everyone would be pulling up to the scene for their vegan delight. With that in mind I arrived to the scene at 4pm for a 5pm start time. Who was I fooling thinking I’d be close to first in line the joke was truly on me. By four pm the line was already around the truck and full of Charleston’s finest. Their was tons of love, laughter, collabs chats that made my two hour wait speed by.

By six pm I had my Fussy Hussy in hand and tons of pics in my phone. The Fahionabletraveler and I found our spot and digged in. The wait was worth it because ya’ll Slutty Vegan is where it’s at! The fries we crunchy seasoned to taste and the Hussy was juicy. I’m a super picky eater and at first bite I wasn’t a huge fan but I tried a second bite and fell in love. It’s safe to say I’m here for it!

Get Slutty

To my vegan friends if you ever have a chance to try Slutty Vegan I say go for it. I don’t profess to be vegan I just mainly eat vegetables but their food is worth a try. Head over to social media give them a follow and be sure to check out where they’ll be next. While you’re at it check my instagram stories for more fun from Slutty Vegan’s Pop Up via my highlight cover events.

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