3 Books That Changed My Life

These three books fell into my lap at critical time in my life. A time when I needed to be restored, refreshed, and renewed. Each of these books helped me on my journey to becoming a better version of Narcisa. Icing on the cake with it being Black History month each of these authors are beautiful black women claiming the title of author and boss babe. Let’s jump into these books and their authors.

The Books

This book helped me recognize the areas in my life were I was settling. Through prayer, highlighting, and coming face to face with my situation I was able to get right.

I highly suggest this book for anyone wanting to move out of a place of comfort to triumph. Sarah Jakes Roberts ministry has helped me tremendously in every area of my life. If you’re not I highly suggest following her ministry and movement.

Red Flags Run was written by my best friend Ashley W. Gillett and wow this book is a must for everyone single or dating. In her book she shares the warning signs in relationships. What I love most is that she shares her own experiences in a way that’s funny, witty, and keeps you turning the pages.

Coming out of a marriage this book was just what I needed to help me navigate the dating scene. I’m able to recognize the red flags and know when to run. Ladies you need this book!!

Simply Redeemed was written by Jessica Jemmott who happens to be my cousin. This devotional was the perfect reminder that I’m redeemed and the one who redeemed me loves me despite my own thoughts.

It’s the perfect devotional for small groups or just you. Reading this book helped me regain my foundation in Christ knowing who I am whose I am. If you’re looking for a perfect daily devotional then look no further.

Purchase Your Book

Hit the titles below to grab yours and support one of these amazing black authors in honor of black history month.

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