Skin Is In!

If you came into my beauty room you’d see a counter top full of serums. I’m a serum lover and for years they’ve done me just right. On my down time I’m swiping through Instagram and Pinterest looking up skincare tips and tricks. Most recently I came across a few promising beauty tools I just had to get.

The Tools

First up is the Vanity Planet Raedia Facial Cleansing Brush

This brush promises to  effectively remove dirt and buildup with two adjustable speeds to remove makeup, debris, and dead skin at the pressure you prefer. This brush can be used in the morning and at night with your favorite facial cleanser.

I’ve used the old version of this brush and loved it so I can’t wait to try this upgraded device. There are so many great reviews and I couldn’t resist when I saw that price drop #sale. The price was super low and I got I bundle deal.

Next up is the Aira Facial Steamer that came with the Raedia Facial Brush.

This steamer promises to clear pores and stimulate circulation. It’s a therapeutic steam made of nano-sized water molecules instantly goes to work hydrating and softening the skin’s surface, detoxifying your pores of impurities and dead skin cells. And, to enhance the pore-cleansing session.

I’ve never had a steam session and after seeing so many post on at home steamers I knew I had to get one. Quiet a few blogger babes on my Instagram timeline have been raving on adding a steam session to your beauty routine. After careful research on Youtube University I decided on this gem. Using this to help clear my poers in conjunticion with the brush is going to give me top line results.

The next two items I purchased from Vanity Planet as well with their bogo deal. I watched YouTube and saw this facial exfoliate up and down my feed. I realized I’ve never had my pores cleaned out or scrubbed. With that in mind I snagged The Essia Ultrasonic Lifting & Exfoliating Wand

This Wand promises to exfoliate, moisturize, and lift your skin through it’s high-frequency, ultrasonic oscillation technology and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Essia features three modes—each specialized for any need: Exfoliate, Moisturize and Lift.

The ultrasonic vibrations from the Exfoliate setting work to dislodge blackheads and other impurities from pores, helping fight off rogue breakouts and inflammation.

Then, there’s Moisturize mode, designed to make the most of skincare products. Once changed to this setting, the same ultrasonic oscillation that helps clear away impurities combines with an anion flow to help skin attract and absorb product. Meaning moisturizers and serums are absorbed more deeply and are more effective overall.

Doesn’t that sound like something you need on your beauty counter?!

Last up is the one I know will be my go to. It’s the Forever Young Hot & Cold Rejuvenating Facial Wand

This lovely wand promises to give you glowing skin all while mixing it up with the various modes.

Cool Mode

Shrinks pores, helps reduce red spots and puffiness, while soothing your skin

Hot Mode

Opens your pores to boost absorption of serums, creams and moisturizers

Sonic Vibration Mode

Rejuvenates and invigorates the skin with a gentle sonic massage

Using this along with my serums is going to be a sight to see. That’s it for me and beauty tools for the next few years. I’ve got my items in route and my skincare regime lined up. I’ll be back with a full review on each tool and how it’s working for my skin.

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