Social Distancing

A term we’ve all become very familiar with in a short matter of time. Also a term I never heard used prior to Corona virus. This virus has caused us to shift the way we live, think, and do business. It’s truly rocked our world, in more ways than one.

Social distancing has caused me to do some self reflection on what truly matters. One thing that always stands the test of time is family. As we know family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are. During this social distancing I’m able to create memories with my family right at home. It’s the small things that matter like breakfast time, walks in the neighborhood, and a game of uno. What are you doing to make memories with your family?

I’ve also taken the time to listen to my audible books. I have a few books in my library that need their time to shine and what better time than now? I’m currently listening to Boss Up!: This Ain’t Your Mama’s Business Book By: Lindsay Teague Moreno and it’s so good. Next up will be You Are the Girl for the Job: Daring to Believe the God Who Calls You By: Jess Connolly Annie F. Downs.

Social distancing also means staying busy anyway I can and when I can. Everyday I make it a point to go for a walk, jump rope, or my favorite ride my bike. I must stay active because I refuse to stay idle in the house and go insane. Try it you just might like it.

Staying in contact with my friends back home is always key. I truly can’t imagine a life without Facetime or video chatting. My best friends and I stay connected daily using Facetime, Facebook messenger, and Marco Polo. This is a great way to avoid feeling lonely and isolated. We do lunch dates, business calls, and more.

I wouldn’t be a content creator if I wasn’t making content. Creating content comes naturally for me it’s truly become a way of life. So amid staying home and practicing social distancing I’ve been creating non-stop. Most recently I uploaded my Quarantine vlog and shared my brand collaboration with Zeelool over on Instagram.

That sums up all that I’ve been getting into during this social distancing time.

Now it’s your turn to chime in down below and share what’s keeping you motivated.

I pray you and your families are staying safe and practicing social distance. Be sure to stay connected with me over on Instagram and subscribe to my youtube channel.

2 responses to “Social Distancing”

  1. During this time of “social distancing”, I have gone live on FB more than ever before, & recently created a semi-daily FB live titled, “Purposed Positivity.” I am constantly looking at ways to re-purpose content from meetings, things I’ve read or heard, and also by using excerpts from my books.

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    1. That’s a great idea to re-purpose old content. I looked into doing that myself with old blog post. I haven’t gone live in a while I may add that to my to do list. Thanks for sharing xoxo


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