My Bedroom Foliage

Plants are my new best friends and it’s not surprising at all! Why not you ask? Well my mother is the queen of the garden. Ever since I can remember we’ve always had a garden in the front of the house and all around. My mother would always recruit me to help her plant whether I wanted to or not. Today I am glad she did because I’m warming up to the idea of taking on her love for gardening.

Meet “La Bella” her name has no meaning just one I came up with. For some reason we name all of our house plants. Call us crazy but their like family. La Bella is a snake plant and my first personal house plant. I’ve had her for a year and now she’s spreading her wings to fly. I water her whenever I remember because with a snake plant less is more.

This little lady doesn’t have a name and probably won’t. For now she’s my Little Lady. I’m not too sure as to what type of plant she is but she’s cute and just what I wanted. I needed two little plants for my two wicker candle holders. As we can see she fits perfectly. I water her whenever her soil is dry.

Meet “Princess” who’s sister is Little Lady. They came together as stated previously I needed two plants small enough for my wicker candle holders. Princess is much taller and her leaves stand up as opposed to her sister Little Lady who’s leave drop down. I water her the same time as LL.

They are each so pretty in their own way and add a breath of fresh air to my room. I especially love taking selfies with La Bella’s leaves peaking through. Now that everyone is stuck in the house bringing some of the outdoors in is so relaxing. My room is my comfort zone and these girls are my blessings.

Are you apart of the green thumb community? I’d love to know what kind of houseplant you have or dream of having.


  1. empressmimi wrote:

    I have an Aloe Vera, Gardenia and an Anthurium. Your houseplants look AMAZING!! Thank you for sharing .

    Posted 7.9.20
    • Thank you so much love, I want an Aloe Vera plant so bad. Thanks for stopping by xoxo

      Posted 7.10.20
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