Virtual Reality

The reality is in these times we are all tuned in virtually. The world wide web has never been so widely used in the history of its time than now. My reality is that during these past few months I’ve gained my “quarantine fifteen.” In all honesty, I probably haven’t gained an extra fifteen pounds. BUT it sure feels like I have. Those fifteen pounds are on my heels, and I have decided to get running. Not in the literal sense, but in the, “ok it’s time to put in the work.,” matter of speaking.

Putting in work for me consists of getting a routine. In order to establish my new routine, I got reconnected with a childhood acquaintance for some virtual training. We teamed up and went full throttle. He gave me clear details on what we’d be doing beforehand and during our time training. My main concerns were toning; and of course, shaking off the weight in my stomach. One thing that stands out to me when working with a trainer is their ability to keep me engaged. He definitely nailed it! Check out our some of our workouts below, because seeing is believing.

The workouts were great. I’ve already noticed some major changes. Our time together ended with a bang. Nevertheless, I’m continuing to work out on my own. Be sure to follow him on Instagram where he goes live twice a day (10am and 6pm) for a FREE full body workout of 45 powerful minutes.

Creating this workout routine with him truly helped me shed weight and keep the motivation. I am continuing my journey by doing something daily. My girlfriend started walking our local bridge twice a week. So, I joined her for the fun of it. It’s been about two months in and I’m loving it! Walking the bridge with her gives us girl time to chat, bond, and keep each other accountable. Working out has become a great way to stay in shape and keep calm during quarantine. Stay tuned for my upcoming blog for the non-virtual workout reality during a pandemic.

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