My Groupon Steals

Most recently I went browsing on Groupon and stumbled upon a great steal. Groupon is known for deals but to me this was a huge steal especially for jewelry. Living in the south I’ve noticed rocking your monogrammed initials is a big trend. Thanks to Groupon I’m “#trending” as the youngins say. Finally I have my own monogram accessories.

I went with my initials NM for the obvious Narcisa Maura. Initially I wanted to go with something different but I decided to stick with my name. I snagged the deal on Groupon but completed my purchase through Monogram Hub. My purchases consisted of their Spaced Letter Name Necklace and Two 1.5 Initial Statement Necklace.

My spaced Letter Name Necklace

I love the clean spaced looked on this Letter Name Necklace. This necklace would go great with a cowl neck, strapless, or boat neck. It gives the look of a choker and lays nicely on the collar bone. Icing on the cake I got it for $8.99 which was the shipping cost. The actual cost of the necklace was $39.99 you can’t tell me that’s not a steal.

Two 1.5 Initial Statement Necklace

This set is my favorite I love the layered look. Sidebar: Fuchsia is my second favorite color I love the way it made this necklace pop. This longline necklace will look good with just about anything. My favorite tops to wear with long necklaces are strapless, v neck, and deep v. Just like my first purchased I only paid $8.99 for shipping. The full price for the necklace was $24.99 another steal.

There you have it my amazing Groupon steals. There are countless items in my closet from Groupon but these purchases are my absolute favorite. Head over to Groupon and snag your very own steals. Thank me later

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