My Cozy Home Office

Creating a home office space has been on my to do list for quite sometime. Thanks to all of this time in the house my dreams came true. After much research and Pinterest browsing I decided on how I wanted my space to look. To much surprise my homestyle is a mix of farm style meets crisp and clean. My loft space was empty and I immediately knew this would be my new space. A huge thanks to the folks over at Work Vista for sending me a beautiful glass whiteboard. This glass whiteboard took everything up notch!

Before the whiteboard I rearranged my seating in the loft to make room for my desk. If I’m being honest my desk is my favorite piece in the loft. It’s a farmhouse styled gray and white desk with the perfect draw to house my makeup. Let me tell you she is absolutely stunning. When I saw her on Facebook marketplace I knew we were destined to be together.

Here we are still rocking together 3 years later through thick and thin. I’m sure she’s wondering where her forever room will be? so far she’s lived in the den, my room, and now the loft/office. This time I think we got it right. Check her out all dolled up in her former corner space.

Today she’s nuzzled in the corner right by the window. Placing my desk by the window allows me to enjoy the view and take full advantage of the daylight for filiming. Creating a space to work from home can be challenging and fun all at the same time. One thing for sure is that you’ll need some helping hands. When I received my glass whiteboard from Work Vista I knew I needed help. It’s been 1year since operation “move my parents in” and it’s been a blast. My dad is so handy and loves to help whenever possible. Without hesitation I recruited him for the job. Here’s a quick look at how it all went down.

If you’re reading this thanks dad for all your help. My home office is officially all setup and I’m currently enjoying the view. Below is a full view of fully furnished home office area. I’ll be adding more wall decor in the coming months.

Let’s chat all things home office and home decor in the comments. I’d love to know what’s your homestyle.


  1. Wow I LOVE this!!! What a lovely setup!!

    Posted 7.17.20
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