How To: DIY Shoe Wall

For the longest I’ve been thinking of ways to store my shoes and create more space. My closet floor was full of shoes and becoming a bit cluttered. After tripping over a fews shoes in my closet I decided it was high time to make some changes. TikTok has become my favorite go to app for home decor and styling tips. There are so many great home styling accounts on TikTok. It took one video for the idea to pop in my head and become a reality.

Everyone loves Ikea for all things home storage with a clean crisp look, but not me. Walmart is my Ikea for a way better price and easy access. The Ikea Billy Bookcase is the look I was going for bust instead I found the perfect dupe at Walmart. Mainstay is Walmart’s well known home brand and one that hasn’t failed me yet. Most of my bedroom furniture came straight from that line. The quality is top notch and their prices don’t burst my wallet. Here’s a tip the prices in store are always cheaper than online and you don’t worry about shipping. After researching I went to my local Walmart and purchased the Mainstay Orion Wide 5-Shelf Bookcase in white for $22.88.

Let’s get into the how to:

1. Find a suitable space in your room or location of your choosing for bookshelf. I went with the wall alongside my bed to store the bookshelf.

2.Decide on how many you will be getting and measure out the space. You can find the width and length of the bookshelf online.

3.Purchase your bookshelf from either online or in store. As stated previously I went with an in store purchase.

4.Clear out space for bookshelf and start putting it together. Recruit help if needed.

5.Place shoes on bookshelf any way you choose.

6.Enjoy your new shoe display

Check out a timelapse of me creating my shoe wall display below

Now I have a beautiful shoe wall display in my room. It’s been super easy for me to see what I have and how I’ll style it. Let me know if you give it a try and tag me in it. I can’t wait to see what you create.

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