It’s Your Glowing Season

Seasons come and go but this season should stay forever. You’ve been through the ups, downs, ins and outs. Now you’re here glowing, skin popping, and goals in sight. This is where you were meant to be all along.

Despite the pain of your past it pushed you to your purpose.  A purpose that’s flourishing and taking you higher than you’ve imagined. The journey to where you are hasn’t been easy but it was worth it.

How do I know? I’ve been there, lived it, and I’m here to tell in 3 easy steps how to own it. Despite what’s going on worldwide many women are taking back their crowns and glowing up. No need to question your season just embrace it in these 3 steps.

1. Let it go– I let go of the hurt, I let go of putting myself in a box, and I let go of my insecurities. Letting go was my first step.
2. Make a plan– a plan to move on and make the best of life. A plan to go hard for me and no one else. Whatever the plan is, make it and commit to it.
3. Enjoy the moments- there will be moments of pure bliss when you’re thinking to yourself; “is this my life?”; ” Look at God”, then there will be moments where tears flood your face and you just want to melt away. Whatever the moment, enjoy it, it’s all a part of the Glow up!

I’m happy to say it’s going to forever be my glowing season because these three things are on rotation for me. I’ve made it a purpose to live my life this way and just Glow! I remember the first time I shared my heart via live and how nervous I was to tell the world but I’m glad I did. Today I’m riding the waves of life all while glowing. I  hope these help you as they’ve helped me to grow and glow! 

2 responses to “It’s Your Glowing Season”

  1. arteriarichardson Avatar

    Love this ! I seen this at the perfect time . Too often we wait for things to go wrong when our glo up is approaching . I almost did that so I thankful I saw this post when I did . Keep spreading positivity Queen 💕


    1. I’m so glad this blessed you!! May you continue to glow up and cease the moment!! Sending love your way xoxo Thank you for the encouraging words and engaging on my blog.


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